Discount Package B
Discount Package B Discount Package B Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Setia Indah Supplier, Manufacturer, Supply, Supplies | Lynns Wellness Sdn Bhd
RM 904.00
Limited to 100 sets of special offers and B sets are now on the shelves, certified by Singapore HSA products 100% pure natural plant essential oil, without any chemicals
Daily use
Essence Repair Liquid
Its efficacy
Its effect makes the skin refresh, whiten, moisturize and balance the moisture in the skin.
Promote skin metabolism and quickly repair damaged skin.
Aromatic essence spray mist gives skin a healthy glow.
Serum Firming Mask Milk
Its efficacy
Quickly penetrate the facial skin, quickly break down and soften the stratum corneum, and promote metabolism.
Makes facial skin relaxed, soft, smooth and elastic.
Delay skin aging, moisturize, whiten and moisturize, make skin firm and energized
It can be used to prevent the skin's isolation before using cosmetics.
Night use
Serum firming facial oil
Its efficacy
Quickly penetrate the skin, promote facial cell regeneration and whitening, lighten spots, lighten fine lines and dark circles, quickly converge the skin, and make the facial skin delicate, full, moisturize, delay aging facial skin aging, maintain a healthy and good state, to promote metabolism.
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